I don’t care if it’s just part of it… [Jean au.c-u.interview Pt2 con’td]

All thanks to “plain-dude” on tumblr for digging through /a/ for the additional screencaps of the closeup interviews. (because I don’t frequent there at all). Was gonna post later on in the week of what I’ve found previously, but since now we have these new screencaps, and plus the fact it’s a loooonng block of text, I decide to just split it up. Below is a translation of the first two pages of that BIG image…(it’s basically about his family) + the other smaller image.

In first part of the interview, we had a glimpse of a young trainee’s progress of becoming a solider with pride and resolution.
Going into the second half (of the interview), we shall explore more secrets of Jean and the real him that’s unknown to many.

“Why dwell on asking about my mom…never mind. It’s that all (they/you) have to ask about my mother…?”

– Anyways, there are much more to ask about your relationship with people. Said earlier, there are often voices that asked to know more about (your) family.
Huh, family…(is) alive and well. It’s an uncommon thing in these time of age isn’t it. Is that good enough (answer) ?

So, normal it is, normal! Then, a lot of my classmates have lost their families…I think I have to be thankful (my family) is well. That is all I have to say.
– Here’s also a question that asks, “What’s your favourite of your mother’s cooking?”

[this part wasn’t included in that big image; it was translated in a previous entry on this blog. I’ll include in here for convenience]

– Ehh…it asks about “(Are you) really a mazakon?”
Why bring out that “Babaa” topic in here! I’m gonna get that bastard who asked this!”

[below was already translated earlier; I’ll just repost that here]

Why dwell on asking about my mom…never mind. It’s that all (they/you) have to ask about my mother…?
– Yep, what you think (about it) ?
– Hah…?
(I) like omelette. I’d make replicates of the same thing (what Jean’s mom make) by myself. That’s all I’m gonna answer on that!
– Ahh. So, beside family, we’d like to ask about your relationship with your classmates. Other than Miksa, and Marco, we have question about (your) impression on Armin.

[page 3 – those two paragraphs/sentences, I have no idea…]

Ahh. In the beginning, that suicidal idiot would overcome anything alone. (But) to adapt to the collective action of an army officer within one month is something that’s beyond the quality of an average senior officer.
– それだけ人望のめる方だと。
英雄としてのカリスマだけじゃ、できない芸当だろうな。多分…オレが下につくことになっても、自分からついていきたくなるような上官なんだろ。 (wild guesses: A hero can’t pull things off with just charisma alone. If I’d be under such senior, I’d probably act on my own accord.)
– What would you have to say about the commander (of the SL)?
Between you and me, (he’s) probably just as scary as Armin…wouldn’t want him to me on the enemy’s side.
– After all, could it be because of his decision/ways in operating the troops (“trimming down” ? ) ?

[‘page’ 4 of that image was also translated earlier; but add the following sentence (bolded part) at the end]

– Say, what do you wish for when humanity is free from the titans?
…(I’m) different from that suicidal idiot, it’s not good to imagine about such unrealistic thing.
– (You) can still give some thoughts and imagination on it…
Hm..If the titans are gone, there won’t be anymore needless deaths of families and friends. That’s right, that’s all I ask for. Just wish the ones I care about can really live in peace.
picture caption: (This is the real(/usual) world.)
– You are so considerate.
Dd…don’t exaggerate it…!

[first three paragraphs of ‘page’ 5…I’ll just put what I got from reading it…(vague meaning? )]

– Thank you very much…
Ah! Those people who have/had questions about Mikasa and old h…my mom!! Don’t send the same questions again hopng for different answers!!
– Finally at the end, we thank Jean for being able to come and answer the questions.

[7/23 addition (page 5 final conclusion paragraph):]

Jean Kirstein, contrary to the reputation of having a bad-guy face and cocky attitude, gave the answers that you’d expected from a mature adult.
His perspective and thoughts are right down-to-earth real throughout the session, from beginning to the end; and also give you a strong sense of humanness in them.
He being a part of SL in which mankind’s hope is rested upon, would be a great weapon of humanity. We look forward to seeing more from him.


[additional blurb:]

改めて言うのも何だが…オレ個人に興味を持ってくれんのは有り難いし、以前のオレなら大喜びだっただろうよ。( < wild guess: Again let’s just say…before, I’d be happy if my own personal wish/interest happen…)
But, the me right now, as someone in SL, wanted to change that… (I) want a world where everyone can live safely. I am still inexperience/immature, and might even die in the war, but it’d be nice if I can witness that.

To me, these interviews sort of make Jean even more likeable. But I think those who have followed on the manga have already discovered that long before these closeup interviews came out.

It IS weekend, so I’m not gonna sit in front of computer for hours translating. (hah, but during weekdays there’s work! lol… ) I’ll see if I can make more progress before the weekend ends. 2 1/2 pages to go! (any new additions will probably be added to this same entry)

EDIT2: uh….awful translation. oh well…for the fun of it.
EDIT3: I think all that’s left is one page (about SL I think ) …?
EDIT 4: compiled the text (both part 2 and 1) into a single page. (work in progress).


8 thoughts on “I don’t care if it’s just part of it… [Jean au.c-u.interview Pt2 con’td]

  1. Anonymous

    Thank you for your hard work so far! I really appreciate you doing these translations. ❤

    1. vofoj

      eh?…I thought someone did the translation (of Armin’s interview) already. I’ll see if I can find it when I get home.

        1. vofoj

          I’m sure you’ve read this translation before. Now have to check which part they DID and did NOT translate…then proceed from there. lol…..
          (and I still have Jean’s interview to finish… 😐 )

          1. mary

            thank you, but you don’t have to hurry! you can translate it whenever you’ll have time! once again thanks dude! 😚

  2. balter186

    Omg wtf the most important part of the interview was left put blank. Can you pls tell me what he said about Armin? Cause that’s the only reason i got here. Thanks


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