Annie said what?

Gonna keep things short. Lately have taken too much time per entry.

The second part of Annie’s au closeup interview came out earlier this week. Someone noted how she mentioned Jean in one (or some) of the questions (see image above).

“Change of topic, the au Annie interview touched on Jean

Asked about who else beside Mikasa is good at 3dmg.
– Jean did great due to his aspiration of joining the MP.
– Though one can see his hesitation when cutting down enemy ( ?)
– Might not know how that’d go in practice; although deep down he’s definitely (probably? likely? ) a good fellow.”

I bet someone will/have already translate(d) the second half of the interview; their version of translation will be better.

flychousaheidan1flychousaheidan2They have a bunch of new merchandise coming out in August. In this promotional page about a contest (I think? ), it lists out the prizes. Well well well…look at the combination of characters (click on image to see the whole thing) : Eren/Mikasa, Hange/Levi, Armin/Jean, Oluo/Petra. To the left of that we have once again ____________ . They really are pushing this into semi-canon status aren’t they. (I don’t mind …they are a great duo)

Now this clear-file (folder) image, for some reason this is what I thought when I first saw it…

Woah woah…calm down Jean. (どうどう……落ち着けよジャン。)
Huh? What the hell?! I ain’t a horse!

That Jean interview
That took quite the time; but now all that’s left is that small page. Thank goodness.
I’ve put all of that translation in this entry.


10 thoughts on “Annie said what?

  1. Maria

    Interesting, that of all ppl Annie should make such a remark. She was probably on the lookout for potential ‘titan slayers’ in the squad. The more I think about the shifters living with the rest of the group, pretending to be their peers, the more I realize how mentally devastating that must have been. Out of the shifter trio, Annie seems to be the most stabile and composed one – I wonder if she saw a glimpse of her own ‘kindness’ in Jean, seeing through his front because she had to constantly put up a front of her own.

    Here’s a wild theory – what if shifters were observing the squadmembers as their task? Reiner/Berthold seemed to hit it off well with Eren and Armin, Annie was also so involved with Eren that it bugged Mikasa. Ok, makes sense that Mikasa didn’t make any new friends, but what about Marco and Jean? The first thing I thought when reading Annie’s comment on Jean’s inner nature was Marco’s famous pre-death pep speech for Jean. Kinda makes me wonder if Marco was a shifter also… He is the only human from the top 10 we know literally nothing about and he was always sticking close to Jean (already a promising cadet). I really have a hunch Marco’s story hasn’t been told yet…

    1. vofoj

      I guess Jean’s been ruled out as potential “titan slayer” then. lol… I’m not sure how did she came to the conclusion of Jean being a good guy ; I don’t think it’d be mentioned in that interview. 😐

      It’d be quite mental traumatic for Jean if that’s who Marco was/is though.. wonder if that’d effect his resolve of being with the SL. and to some degree his confidence in himself – since Marco was the first to throw the “you are capable” words at him. (so that’s why…seeing how Levi acknowledges Jean’s work at the end of chapter 59 made me happy…)

    2. jeanathan

      I still remember back at the battle of Trost where Marco is seen standing next to the Titan Shifter gang. (Annie, Reiner and Bertolt) And Annie asks Reiner “Reiner, What should we do?. Reiner anwers Annie; “Nothing yet. If we do it, we do it alltogether.” Which could mean that they were prepared to go titan form but they needed something/someone or something/someone wasn’t ready and that is why they didn’t act. It could also simply mean that they thought of fighting their way to HQ on their own… But we won’t know for sure.
      I also loves how they stand in this order: (Marco, Bertolt, Reiner, Annie) But when Mikasa asks Marco about their possibility of getting to the HQ, Marco switches places with Annie. (Might be an anime only thing.)


      1. Maria

        Yes, I too was surprised when I rewatched the series and noticed the four standing together when they discussed further steps. If I recall correctly that was the first instance they showe they worked together with an agenda. They did talk vaguely but Marco didn’t seem perplexed by the ambiguous dialogue or confused or left out.

        1. vofoj

          But it does seem natural for Marco to hang around those three; Armin was having his breakdown, Jean was chatting with Connie, and the only ones who seemed to not panic are those Bert Reiner and Annie. Of note also, those three and Marco are the older ones within the top 10 (other than Sasha).

          1. jeanathan

            I wonder where Ymir and Krista were at the moment though, I bet that Jean and Connie’s squads couldn’t have been the only ones trapped on the rooftops. They were seen together with Connie, but could it have been possible they separated? :3


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