Even after chapter 59

There is some sort of unease. Probably because they are about to enter the “dragon’s lair”. Though Jean ended up being alive and well (or not well? ) in 59, still cannot help to think shit’s gonna happen to the new squad soon, if not chapter 60. Could Isayama decide to give a true shocker (ya know..killing someone after just spared their life on the previous chapter; just when one’s least expected) ? Although in some ways, Sasha, Levi and Connie are just as endangered… (therefore, I don’t mind if we change scenes for a bit in 60).
A bit more than one week to find out.

sungeki1Looking at this cover of upcoming sungeki no kyojin (aka spoof on titan, and aka ‘short play on titan’ ) , makes me kinda miss those moments when those two quarrel with each other. (even if that happened just eight chapters ago) Usually we see them as a rivalry relationship, but in some ways they are like brothers, the kind where they argue with each other, and also say “I hate you” when they actually cared for each other. This is of course a contrast to the one Eren has with Armin. I think this is easily overlooked simply because Jean’s presented as just a rival and foil to Eren at the beginning. We see how that’s changed in 59.

sungeki35This week’s sungeki thoughts… Here, Jean offered an idea, no one listened, but then Armin offered the same idea, and Connie thinks he’s genius. Armin is the definition of intelligence within SnK. We tend to forget Jean can (also) actually think quick on his feet. I’m not sure whether 59 re-exhibited that trait or not (since while I think he did great at recruiting Marlo and Hitch, others think he was being retarded), but anyways, I wish the story can show more this quality of his without writing to have him screw things up. (seriously, please just let him succeed for once!)

intpt2That leads us to this small section from the second interview. Had great trouble translating it, so I’ll just leave the original Japanese words here as well. Basically, Jean speaks about how his goal within the SL is to do well, and hopefully his opinions/ideas will be heard when he becomes an accomplished soldier. (okay, why do I see traces of Eren or Marlo )

What’s your desire for promotion/success?

Hah…back when my goal was to get in MP, (I) wanted to climb fast on the ladder.

But you are a scout (SL) now?

I did what I had to/should do.
[unclear on exact words],
they might listen to my opinion if I get some accomplishments.

I see. So are there anymore bigger goals (of yours) ?

Oh, I’m not gonna comment on that 反撃の翼 promo picture of Eren and Jean dressed in swimwear for aquatic training exercise…


4 thoughts on “Even after chapter 59

  1. Gabriela

    People forgets easily how smart Jean is, which is pretty understandable because sadly everybody looks dumb compared to Armin… but yeah! his intellingence is one of the many facets of a character with enough depth to talk long and extended and, at the same time, topic of his endless possibililies of his character development which is why I/we love him so much!
    Thank you for the translation…japanese is beautiful but pretty intimidating (english is my 2nd asyou can tell and still struggle tons)
    ps. Connie and Sasha are suspiciously quiet but still think Erwin is gonna die first

    1. vofoj

      It also happens that every time he gave an idea or tried to lead, things went bad (gas resupply, FT ). Those things do not help his “resume” to the general fandom – when he’s not a designated main character (EMA). That’s why I truly hope Marlo and Hitch won’t turn out to be baits or traitors to the team. Ha…I think the seniors if SL, Armin and Jean are the only ones in the story capable of carrying out a long thoughtful conversation (well, that’s my opinion, I know people who hated that aspect, but the hell with that.).
      That’s the last bit of the available scans though. lol..maybe someone else will have the entire interview available later on.
      I think it depends where we go in 60. Or maybe we’ll switch focus to Armin and whoever he’s with.

  2. Maria

    Don’t go fretting ahead of time 🙂 I think Jean is safe for the time being, Armin and Mikasa – duh! – also. I would really hate it if Isayama offed Connie or Sasha… This would be a good time to switch to others, especially Bertl and Reiner. Now, THAT would be interesting.

    I don’t believe Marlo(w?) is faking it, he seemed to be too principled for his own good before (similar to Jean, duh) and Hitch has been known to say and act one thing but do the opposite. She strikes me as a type of person who wants to appear mean and tough and only talks a lot but does not really mean it and needs someone’s prompt to join the right cause. Like, she seems more irritating than the really dangerous ones. The Germans have a nice proverb; bellende Hunde beißen nicht or dogs who bark, do not bite. Maybe she just fancies Marlo 🙂

    1. vofoj

      True, after 59, I think we are shown Jean still has more room to grow / more planned for him. It’s probably the first time since Trost that we see a glimpse of what possible future he has within the SL. Hm…that leaves Levi, Connie, and Sasha… since Eren, Mikasa, Armin, and Historia aren’t likely to die yet. Haha..but the most they’ll get right now will probably be 1/3 or 1/2 a chapter. Can’t see Isayama giving a whole chapter to them at this time.

      > as a type of person who wants to appear mean and tough
      Both Marlo and Hitch are similar to Jean in different ways; and Marlo is said to resemble Eren according to Jean…I would like to see a conversation or a meet-up between those four. 😛


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