Things that fill the void during the wait

as_snk_16Not much to write about these days. Wonder if it has to do with that holiday in Japan (even though that was more than a week ago).
So the past week had the premiere of the English dub of episode 16. That was one of the episode that made people appreciate Jean’s character (development) – the other being episode 8 I guess? I think the VA did a fine job, saying this since I found the lines to be overall smooth (Sasha’s voice is still bit squeaky). The pyre scene was well done. For some reason, I really like that scene where Jean tells Mikasa to shut up, technically “I wasn’t asking you”. It says he knows his priorities, and is not some love-struck fool who’d put reason/objectiveness aside. Guess I’ll have to tune in for the next two episodes as well!

c3_clorColoured chapter (not a permalink) was updated to chapter 3. It is the first chapter where we are fully introduced to some members of the 104th class. Jean gets a lot of focus here – probably negative ones. I think it’s easy to dislike his character just by reading this chapter. After all, we are programmed subconsciously to side with the main character, so Jean automatically get minus points right from the gate (no specific reference intended). Now add Jean’s attitude, then voila, recipe for “most disliked character” – as shown in chapter 3, him being a jerk to those who didn’t make the top 10. [even Connie mentioned his detest of Jean – that part was omitted in the anime]c3_clor_1
Re-reading this chapter really gives me the feel of how much Jean has changed in a short span of a year or so (from then til chapter 60). You definitely won’t find chapter 58/59 Jean here in chapter 3.
Sometimes I’m puzzled by people who say Jean reverted back to his dbag self in FT, after that great moment of his in chapter 18. Not sure where and how that perception came to be. Actually I find most of his so called dbag-ness can be classified as crude humour (speaking about the post-Trost ones).

snk_m_1Looking at the ticket for the upcoming SnK movie; I think it’s interesting to note how the characters are positioned and placed. The only odd placement seems to be Sasha’s – I think they ran out of space on the left side (of the image) ? Other than that, the EMA are grouped onto one side, RBA on another, Jean is somewhere around EMA.

"The characters of the two additional people on the left are...!?"

“The characters of the two additional people on the left are…!?” | From the looks of the clothing, I am guessing Jean, and the other person might be Armin, or Connie. Shall find out in two weeks…


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