the only news over the weekend

snk_mov_1_1Anime staff has been in to Eren / Jean lately? The website for the movie mentions new scene of Eren and Jean to be included. So after OVD3, we are going to get more Eren and Jean interaction. Now to guess what and/or which scene will that be. I think most people would guess it’s the scene in chapter 3 – Eren and Jean get into a fight on the night of graduation. One problem though, is that they will have to rearrange a number of scenes to fit that in. Or…are we gonna get new original material once again? (that’s very unlikely since they will already be on condensed time = no time for fillers )

Unofficial fighting buddy of Eren's

Unofficial fighting buddy of Eren’s

What I want from chapter 61: an answer as to who those cloaked MPs are, an update on Erwin, and also update from the Reiss’ side. If they have those, then I’m satisfied (even if Jean stays quiet). With much foreshadowing written by Isayama early on in the story, I just wish he (Isayama) has something in store to back it up = let him has his moment of shine for once.


6 thoughts on “the only news over the weekend

  1. Maria

    Yeah, I too would like to get a little follow up on Erwin, I still expect him to be rescued…

    1. vofoj

      although unlike last time with Jean where people already noticed Armin was pulling out a gun from under his cloak, this time not many probable theories have surfaced, as to how Erwin can be rescued following that scene in 60.

        1. vofoj

          I think it’s just much harder to predict this time around, and because 58’s wasn’t really a true cliffhanger. As for Nile’s role, I’d have thought those three cloaked MPs might be related to his order? at least I can’t think of a wise way for Nile to save Erwin at that scene (before the king) at the end of 60. Or maybe he’s also an “idiot”.

  2. Kuroneko

    Jut kill the annoying Jean. Remember how he threatened his captain of stabing at the back because of restlessness? Oh right I thought he’s the leader type but he’s an idiot.

    1. vofoj

      (Time to defuse this bomb)
      There are still many more chapters for him to grow. Plus, you can’t please all the haters out there. If he becomes all “useful” and such, he’ll be called a stu. And then for any development (positive or negative) to happen, it will mean more page time for him, which is a big no-no to haters. Did Isayama send time developing Jean’s character? Sure. Is the development palatable to everyone, of course not.
      As for whether he’s annoying or not, that is of course different in each’s opinion. I’m not sure how he is annoying though. Maybe because I actually like him as the spark within the group. Now some might say his role can be served with either Sasha and Connie, but they forgot Jean fits the role because it is his character to speak what’s on his mind. You can’t just expect him to shut up and call that “growth”. I guess it’s up to Isayama to write some “successful scenerios” for Jean to counter that. Oh right, can’t do that, because of the Gary Stu factor. Yep, hater’s gonna hate, they will find anything to be their reason.
      Finally, welcome to this blog. Even though you’re probably a hater.

      RE “leader type”: some people call him an idiot (for 59); now in 61, it seems his gamble paid off, or his instinct holds true.


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