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September is seriously busy. Finally got around looking into what the leaked parts of the Jean dream story tell. (even though it’s been like a month since the story was released) Too lazy to search around for available translation – plus not as many people in the EN base are interested in Jean-related news, right?
(sec. source is 4chan) – really short snippets; wish there are more, but, having some is better than none.

“No, don’t go yet.”

Jean tries to reach out his arm towards the voice, but cannot. He doesn’t want to believe; how “this” can be the reality. (信じたくない、「こっち」が現実であってほしい、あるはずだ。)

“I wish to talk more. But..”

“No, don’t disappear yet. Marco you idiot!!”

Jolted awake, his back is wet from the sweat.
Sensing the the drip of sweat on the nose, the young boy is being reminded that “this side” is the reality.


“Me huh.”

“Ahh, I know, you’d go on to become an MP? Already heard that before, “to be the king’s guardian”, you can certainly do it.”

A string of words come out without a pause for reply. ___________________ . (返事を待たず、矢継ぎ早に言葉を絞り出す。 それはまるで、相手をここに縛りつけるための鎖のようだった。)

“You will be fine. I can guarantee you’ll make it into the ranks, and you’ll live, safely, in the interior.”

Jean begins to notice (concious? ).
Once he notices, the session of warm conversation begins to slip away.
Whole body trembles. The sight of dormitary takes over.

Yet another Jean/Marco related scenario. From some review, people summed up the story as “Marco has been Jean’s emotional support”. In terms of canonical evidence, it’s mostly shown on those few pages in chapter 18. While readers are presented with a softened Jean post-Trost, it did seem he had a different kind of interaction with Marco as compared with other trainees – more open about his “weakness” and/or struggles. I think the same thing can be said about the current friendship with Armin. Somehow these things just make me wish more that he’d make it til the end of the story – even though chances are somewhat slim, let’s be honest.

Now this (left image), I shall save the talk for the next entry. Fow now: well drawn compared with some of the past ones (of the same online game). This and the Janbo one are nicely done.


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