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62-07So someone posted that leak days before of chapter 62, probably noting how characters are drawn (good or bad) in the new chapter. Then earlier, over there (Japanese page), people were commenting whether he’s considered “ikemen”. I think it really depends on your definition of that term. It might be easier if we put Eren, Jean, and Reiner on a scale. Eren probably has “a balance of masculine and feminine facial features”, while for Jean and Reiner, the male traits are more dominant. So Eren would fit into the boyish face type, while Jean has the mature look; makes sense I guess.

that's a really long face

that’s a really long face

Although one has to admit there’s no point in saying whether a character is ugly or not based on selected manga panels or anime screenshots because the art has not been very consistent from the beginning. Even in this current chapter (62), there’s this panel which there’s only one word to describe it, horseface. I think it’s best to say what he is in the story, average. Sometimes, he might be drawn better looking, while other times, as seen in this panel…

Still no official figurines of Jean (not even in the planning stage). I guess this is the closest we’ll have for now. I think what makes this (not really) note-worthy is, Armin and Jean (versions) being paired up in terms of release date.
ereleviarujanThis is of course being targeted to the female fandom. Just take a look at the series lineup so far. They had Eren and Levi for the first round; and now Armin and Jean for the second. All guys.


One thought on “get this out of the way

  1. Ifurita

    Agreed on Eren and same goes for Jean.

    Indeed, in-universe, Jean is probably meant to be average-looking, with his most striking feature being his long face. That’s probably also the reason why he was sent to scout the town in 57: he does not stand out in any unusual way (foreigner, feminine-looking etc.) and unlike Connie, Sasha and Armin he can pass easily as a young adult.


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