on an unrelated note

naruto700Going to make an exception with this being non-SnK related. Even though I have stopped following actively few years ago, it is like a series finale of a long time running tv show – you just want to tune in and see what happens – who died (yea, real positive I know), who gets who, etc. Plus the fact it being also the first series I started from chapter one makes it much more special. (most other series, I started the manga at where the anime left off, with SnK being the second exception, or is it third..)

Totally random note while reading the finale chapter:
– seems like they’ve pulled a TTGL technology timeskip? In a matter of ten years or so, the village has became a metropolis, and Mr. whirlpool is using a laptop running OSX lookalike.
– they have changed the series logo/icon for the last chapter (see image in this post).

Back to SnK related (about spoiler images….so…Mr. Z. probably got the idea from that 2009 Dutch horror movie. Trust me, you won’t want to know what that is.
Chapter should come earlier this month because the 9th is a Sunday, which means release date on the 8th.


2 thoughts on “on an unrelated note

  1. Detective Mask

    The end of Naruto really had a great influence on every fan who lived during the 2000s, even if you didn’t really follow the series closely (like me). Naruto was more or less the face of the anime and manga fandom during that era, and its finale was the end of an era for many people.

    On a side note, it does look weird to see computers and laptops being used in the Naruto universe.

  2. admin

    Yep it’s an iconic series of the past decade or so. OP is more popular, but Naruto is probably (one of ) an entry series to many in the western world / English realm in that era.
    Seems like their generations of conflicts really hampered their technological development.


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