could it be a second poll

charc_popIn this month’s bessatsu magazine, there’s this page which is about promotional items related to the SnK series. Now there’re the words which say “shingeki character… popularity vote commences!! ” (? the line above says something along the lines of “your vote could change the cover page of bessatsu magazine” ) Whether it’s true or not (we should find out next issue), it’s due time for a new vote. The last one was nearly two years ago, and I am sure the positions have changed quite a bit (or not, for some characters, we all know who the top three will be anyways).
voice_snkAs we know the upcoming two OAV/D will be about the Levi spinoff. So does that mean the other seiyuu from SnK (namely the 104th kids) will get a break? Not a chance it seems, at least form the looks of this news about yet another audio-drama. Well, perhaps someone will translate the dialogues from it, eventually.

Crossdressing Armin is so ingrained into the SnK fandom – shown here of someone drawing this for Armin’s birthday back a week or so ago.


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