Nope, he keeps his arm

namcoxsnkmovie1More collaboration project, this time it’s a crossover of Namco x the first part of SnK anime movie. So far two videos have been released. The second, latest one, has that Armin with St. Nick titan scene (ya know, that Armin’s scream? ), and also Jean holding the titan’s jaw open. Er..what?! no no no, you haven’t read wrong. Unlike Eren in the original scene, no arm is lost here. The video shows why – other than the real fact because Jean cannot do regeneration.
(they’ve brought in the original seiyuu for the voice, perfect.)
*play the video to the very last second, there’s a “surprise”…they’ve did something similar for the first video btw.

Because he’s the John Doe of SnK
Maker of the Sen.ti.nel Snk figures series is starting another new series of SnK figures. On a blog entry, they have included an image which talks about the “process” and other things related to this news.

Funny how they used Jean as the “sample” person in it. They put a note which says the image is of an imaginary scenario. Either, here’s hope that there will indeed be one for him.

On an NHK program, which probably talks about the SNK (live action) movie, they have listed popular keywords in relation to the topic (? ). What’s special about this…other than the expected “Levi heichou”, “kyojin”, “shingeki”, there is…

so while in the w/c I realized..hah, I totally mixed up the anime movie and the live action movie in the previous blog entry…I wonder what was I having (or not having)…
season two confirmed for 2016, and 2014 isn’t over yet.


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