And that was 2014

It was the year of horse, and coincidentally a lot had happened over the course of 12 chapters for our “horse faced” guy. By “a lot”, it doesn’t mean it cannot be summed up with five things, and here they are:

c53p42Disguised as Eren (again)…now that's what would happenChoked on killing…59-07H-t-H talk with Levi…59-17Got smacked with a bat…64-08Sliced someone…

On the anime front, of the three OVD released in 2014. He was the main, or lead character in two of them. (technically, we should exclude the third OVD, since there’s no way he can be included in it)

OAD2 - infamous scene gets animated

OAD2 – infamous scene gets animated

OAD3 - these two add up to drama

OAD3 – Eren’s back to being the main character, Jean’s the other lead.

On to movie(s)…this year we have part 1 of the recap movie. As mentioned in previous news, a “new” scene is included in the movie (which features Mr. horseface of course). I think most of us could have guessed what “new” scene would that be.
Scenes from volume 1. Movie scenes courtesy of here (remove the ‘%20’.. ).

Not bad at all. Here to hope (just like last year) that he will survive for yet another year! Now to wait for this month’s chapter, coming in a couple of days.


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