4 is his number, apparently

First of all, tomorrow (or today, depends where you are) is April 7. The horse dude has survived for yet another year! What better present would it be than the new pop. poll results? He’s made the top 10, he’s also made the top 5, he’s….not top 3. That is fine really, because he was #9 last time. This however continues his trend of being “just outside”. Let see, within 104th, he was 6th, so, not making the top 5. In a group scenario, there’s the main trio + him. In the DVD/BD discs set, he was the 4th to be featured on the cover.
Gonna speak more about the results when the image comes out; and I am sure chapter 68 will be here soon enough.
[title is not a reference of some movie’s title]


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