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Jean gives the finger?

click to go to his blog page, which has the bigger version of the drawing.

click to go to his blog page, which has the bigger version of the drawing.

When was the last time Isayama posted a drawing of Jean on his blog? I remember he did a Mikasa doing janken few weeks before. Well well, finally he does a Jean drawing, and it’s about his (positive) reaction after watching the movie Guardians of the Galaxy.
No idea why’s Jean giving the finger. The lines go, “Damnit! Finger’s not in control”, and the caption to that picture says “Movie’s spoiler/story”. I have yet to watch the movie, so I have no idea if that’s related to anything?
Anyways still nice of him to draw something out-universe of one of this favourite characters in the series – he’s drawn Eren, Levi, and Mikasa before I think (of these blog drawings).

spoof46This week’s Spoof will be Jean and Marco centric; I believe that’s a known fact since last week. Who knew fishing can take up 4 pages? Of course, there will be some Eren/Jean interactions. Such as here, where their fishing duel ended at a 0-0 tie. (probably Armin or Mikasa used a net to catch the fish at the end)


  • Sure I am aware of SnK going mainstream – as in “Rikasa” on the Simpsons. Not surprising, as one of my friend who does not regularly watch anime, asked me about SnK a week or so earlier.
  • did they just say Jean sang in the latest dream story of Reiner? Apparently that’s what the fandom in Japan was saying…

he’s been here and there

jeanbo_sgYes, I do know this and OVA2 are original material (non-manga canon). However, from those things, why do I have the thought of Jean actually being the bullied rather than the one doing the bullying when he was younger? Maybe it’s not a surprise given how we are shown his insecurity since the Trost arc.

spoof_39_1aI think each spinoff’s character personality is a bit different. From the look of the past few chapters, the spoof version of Jean is far from the naysayers version of Jean; and probably far from the myth of “everyone in-universe hate Jean”. Although the author of spoof would probably be someone who’ve actually paid attention to the manga (i.e. the development of characters) and therefore have Jean be more similar to the current manga version’s.

Even after chapter 59

There is some sort of unease. Probably because they are about to enter the “dragon’s lair”. Though Jean ended up being alive and well (or not well? ) in 59, still cannot help to think shit’s gonna happen to the new squad soon, if not chapter 60. Could Isayama decide to give a true shocker (ya know..killing someone after just spared their life on the previous chapter; just when one’s least expected) ? Although in some ways, Sasha, Levi and Connie are just as endangered… (therefore, I don’t mind if we change scenes for a bit in 60).
A bit more than one week to find out.

sungeki1Looking at this cover of upcoming sungeki no kyojin (aka spoof on titan, and aka ‘short play on titan’ ) , makes me kinda miss those moments when those two quarrel with each other. (even if that happened just eight chapters ago) Usually we see them as a rivalry relationship, but in some ways they are like brothers, the kind where they argue with each other, and also say “I hate you” when they actually cared for each other. This is of course a contrast to the one Eren has with Armin. I think this is easily overlooked simply because Jean’s presented as just a rival and foil to Eren at the beginning. We see how that’s changed in 59.

sungeki35This week’s sungeki thoughts… Here, Jean offered an idea, no one listened, but then Armin offered the same idea, and Connie thinks he’s genius. Armin is the definition of intelligence within SnK. We tend to forget Jean can (also) actually think quick on his feet. I’m not sure whether 59 re-exhibited that trait or not (since while I think he did great at recruiting Marlo and Hitch, others think he was being retarded), but anyways, I wish the story can show more this quality of his without writing to have him screw things up. (seriously, please just let him succeed for once!)

intpt2That leads us to this small section from the second interview. Had great trouble translating it, so I’ll just leave the original Japanese words here as well. Basically, Jean speaks about how his goal within the SL is to do well, and hopefully his opinions/ideas will be heard when he becomes an accomplished soldier. (okay, why do I see traces of Eren or Marlo )

What’s your desire for promotion/success?

Hah…back when my goal was to get in MP, (I) wanted to climb fast on the ladder.

But you are a scout (SL) now?

I did what I had to/should do.
[unclear on exact words],
they might listen to my opinion if I get some accomplishments.

I see. So are there anymore bigger goals (of yours) ?

Oh, I’m not gonna comment on that 反撃の翼 promo picture of Eren and Jean dressed in swimwear for aquatic training exercise…

Topics revisited

frauqaRemember in an interview when asked about his favourite character, Isayama said it to be Jean? He then said in a fans meeting session that Ymir is a character he likes; then in a ranking show earlier this year Ymir and Jean are placed within his top 5 favourites?
In yet another interview in this month’s FRau magazine, we get a confirmation that those character choices weren’t just Isayama’s “pick-of-the-month”. He was asked ‘which of the characters do you enjoying drawing the most’, to that he answered ‘Jean and Ymir’. Rejoice Jean and Ymir fans? I think that matters more than just being his favourite, because that means more stories (= in-depth development) for them, (and hopefully gives them better chance of surviving.) 😛 (sure…that’s wishful thinking sort of; but it’s different between killing your favourites vs. killing something that you enjoy working on)
Thoughts: in the Trost and FT arc, Jean gets the panels, in Utgard, Ymir gets the attention and Jean’s…at least the clash of titan chapters have both of them.

a far-fetched tie in to recent event

So..Germany won. Speaking about “football”/soccer, I think on an episode of some variety show in Japan, they’ve listed out the soccer players the Japanese likes. #63 is… “Buchwald” ? I think … that’s why Jean’s horse was given that name in the anime. Staff likes soccer, and because of the Germanic setting of SnK,… the rest you can fill in. ( #69 in that screenshot is probably Thomas Müller ) …will also wait to see that episode 18 in English dub.

hat? vest? what?!
porkpiehatTotal randomness, but what’s the joke about Jean’s (short-lived) hat/fedora? [though it seems that’s more of a “pork pie hat” than a fedora] ..ah…and …. “suit vest”..?

sungeki 33
sungeki33Have been interested to know what Marco thinks of Jean, other than having “leadership quality”. See in this week’s sungeki, Jean mocks Marco for being afraid of ghost (well we know he was just joking with Marco, but that was still being an arse to most people). We’ve read Jean’s side of the story on the friendship between him and Marco; I wish we can also read Marco’s side of it – since it seems (according to Jean) he understands Jean the most.
And this week’s sungeki also plays into the (my) headcannon of Jean being friends-needing. But I think ever since the Trost battle, him joining the SL, and how he’s toned down on his attitude, I don’t see it being that difficult for him to have good friends.

a continuation to that closeup interview, next week, hopefully.

something less tense for the wait

I think this is the first one of the few times that this spinoff parody relates to actual events in the manga proper. This week’s sungeki is about the new Levi squad – that’s right, Mikasa’s still wounded from that titan grip (and which Jean saved her from)
[OVD3 is gonna be about the trainee days. I do wish they’d do one about the new Levi squad in the very distant future <- though I don't think it's really technical possible because of the timeframe of the story..].

by hounori ; read the whole thing at that website (follow url of picture)

by hounori ; read the whole thing at that website (follow url of picture)

So in this week’s sungeki, Eren brings Mikasa an apple. She wants him to peel it for her. He goes to ask Sasha for help, saying he’s awful at it. Jean later also brings an apple, peels it (creatively). Mikasa “similarly” does what Jean did and brings it to Eren, asking what the pieces resemble to. Eren says…
From omelette to apple, what’s next?

second item of the week
From early 2ch comments, looks like the 2nd part of the au smartpass Jean interview touches on something related to his mom? or OAD2 related? Shall have to wait for the caps for confirmation – probably in two days time.
Yea…people on 2ch also commented on thuggish eyes. Well, this is just the scene in chapter 51 with that chat with Sasha about her imoonna nickname. Good times. Let’s hope that’s not the last time.

UPDATE: oh look, the first cap of second half of the interview…
and a full version of that front page picture can be found here on the official tweet.
UPDATE 2: another one. being asked about his “bad guy” face?..also from that bit at the bottom, something about what Armin said in a previous close-up interview.

past month of Jea…..April

The SnK series keep on getting all kinds of collaboration with co. and org. that has really nothing to do with the story…
The latest features Jean in this what I think is a career/jobs-related website. Funny how they’ve incorporated Jean’s famous line of “Now, what’s to be done?” into that description…a “cram school teacher” ?…

Didn’t really pay attention to that parody 4koma series, and so I actually missed out on a chapter which has the play on the horse joke.
jeanhorse4koma1I think a number of SnK followers have seen this before. (if you go to that website, they also have the English translation)
edit: the website version only shows the newest chapter, the apps version has all the chapters…

It’s my first time riding a horse. How bout you Crista?
Many times. I am good with horses.
Eh…is that so..
I don’t get along with horses…
You just looked at me didn’t you!?

Considering this was released around the timing of Jean’s birthday, I’d say the horse theme is very likely to be intentional. lol. I think the Jean in this different realm might know the horse joke. (not a joke in his opinion of course)

The 2ch thread that I was following broke down about a month ago. Just yesterday, I found the resurrected thread again. Woohoo I guess. (Need some _________ related fixes.)