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so this is what happens when one went on break

months worth of flyers piled by the door, grasses grew to waist height, cobwebs all around, car battery went dead, forum once used to frequent disappeared, one coconut shattered, another coconut steamed.

(damn oh damn oh damn. looks like some images on this site also need changing…)

blog technically still in hibernation mode since I’m hella busy. but seeing how some page provides laughs to specific segment of the fandom, I’ll keep this blog up.


4 is his number, apparently

First of all, tomorrow (or today, depends where you are) is April 7. The horse dude has survived for yet another year! What better present would it be than the new pop. poll results? He’s made the top 10, he’s also made the top 5, he’s….not top 3. That is fine really, because he was #9 last time. This however continues his trend of being “just outside”. Let see, within 104th, he was 6th, so, not making the top 5. In a group scenario, there’s the main trio + him. In the DVD/BD discs set, he was the 4th to be featured on the cover.
Gonna speak more about the results when the image comes out; and I am sure chapter 68 will be here soon enough.
[title is not a reference of some movie’s title]

And that was 2014

It was the year of horse, and coincidentally a lot had happened over the course of 12 chapters for our “horse faced” guy. By “a lot”, it doesn’t mean it cannot be summed up with five things, and here they are:

c53p42Disguised as Eren (again)…now that's what would happenChoked on killing…59-07H-t-H talk with Levi…59-17Got smacked with a bat…64-08Sliced someone…

On the anime front, of the three OVD released in 2014. He was the main, or lead character in two of them. (technically, we should exclude the third OVD, since there’s no way he can be included in it)

OAD2 - infamous scene gets animated

OAD2 – infamous scene gets animated

OAD3 - these two add up to drama

OAD3 – Eren’s back to being the main character, Jean’s the other lead.

On to movie(s)…this year we have part 1 of the recap movie. As mentioned in previous news, a “new” scene is included in the movie (which features Mr. horseface of course). I think most of us could have guessed what “new” scene would that be.
Scenes from volume 1. Movie scenes courtesy of here (remove the ‘%20’.. ).

Not bad at all. Here to hope (just like last year) that he will survive for yet another year! Now to wait for this month’s chapter, coming in a couple of days.

let the voting begin | movie related stuff

Special souvenirs of the anime recap movie: first we have Armin, expected, because he’s part of the trio. Now who are the next four to come? Eren and Mikasa will each take one. That leaves two. Levi might (probably) take one – leaves one. I guess that Jean takes the remaining slot. One has to consider they added new scene of him and Eren in this movie – so that’s not really a surprise.

At first quick glance, I thought I saw Reiner….mind you this is anime Jean (drawn by Asano Kyoji), so maybe the eyes are similar?

2nd popularity poll
Now, we know it’s official. Let the voting begins! (I don’t think it will be a online-enabled vote this time – it was, last time)

Nope, he keeps his arm

namcoxsnkmovie1More collaboration project, this time it’s a crossover of Namco x the first part of SnK anime movie. So far two videos have been released. The second, latest one, has that Armin with St. Nick titan scene (ya know, that Armin’s scream? ), and also Jean holding the titan’s jaw open. Er..what?! no no no, you haven’t read wrong. Unlike Eren in the original scene, no arm is lost here. The video shows why – other than the real fact because Jean cannot do regeneration.
(they’ve brought in the original seiyuu for the voice, perfect.)
*play the video to the very last second, there’s a “surprise”…they’ve did something similar for the first video btw.

Because he’s the John Doe of SnK
Maker of the Sen.ti.nel Snk figures series is starting another new series of SnK figures. On a blog entry, they have included an image which talks about the “process” and other things related to this news.

Funny how they used Jean as the “sample” person in it. They put a note which says the image is of an imaginary scenario. Either, here’s hope that there will indeed be one for him.

On an NHK program, which probably talks about the SNK (live action) movie, they have listed popular keywords in relation to the topic (? ). What’s special about this…other than the expected “Levi heichou”, “kyojin”, “shingeki”, there is…

so while in the w/c I realized..hah, I totally mixed up the anime movie and the live action movie in the previous blog entry…I wonder what was I having (or not having)…
season two confirmed for 2016, and 2014 isn’t over yet.

The movie that’s coming

It’s the 21st over at Japan; and so the SnK anime movie part 1 comes out tomorrow. As usual, tv program puts up special feature – here in particular, shows the cast/character design for Jean, Armin and Sasha in the live action version of SnK movie, due next summer.
So why did they mixed up Armin and Jean? I am sure some people will go on and on about that. *their names (ジャン and アルミン) are switched…

By the way, just found out they have another Jean feature story on au smartpass. It’s like those previous “rain”, and “dream” stories; this being vol.1 (oh wow…) of a new series of stories. Like always, the wait begins.spsnkjean02

could it be a second poll

charc_popIn this month’s bessatsu magazine, there’s this page which is about promotional items related to the SnK series. Now there’re the words which say “shingeki character… popularity vote commences!! ” (? the line above says something along the lines of “your vote could change the cover page of bessatsu magazine” ) Whether it’s true or not (we should find out next issue), it’s due time for a new vote. The last one was nearly two years ago, and I am sure the positions have changed quite a bit (or not, for some characters, we all know who the top three will be anyways).
voice_snkAs we know the upcoming two OAV/D will be about the Levi spinoff. So does that mean the other seiyuu from SnK (namely the 104th kids) will get a break? Not a chance it seems, at least form the looks of this news about yet another audio-drama. Well, perhaps someone will translate the dialogues from it, eventually.

Crossdressing Armin is so ingrained into the SnK fandom – shown here of someone drawing this for Armin’s birthday back a week or so ago.

on an unrelated note

naruto700Going to make an exception with this being non-SnK related. Even though I have stopped following actively few years ago, it is like a series finale of a long time running tv show – you just want to tune in and see what happens – who died (yea, real positive I know), who gets who, etc. Plus the fact it being also the first series I started from chapter one makes it much more special. (most other series, I started the manga at where the anime left off, with SnK being the second exception, or is it third..)

Totally random note while reading the finale chapter:
– seems like they’ve pulled a TTGL technology timeskip? In a matter of ten years or so, the village has became a metropolis, and Mr. whirlpool is using a laptop running OSX lookalike.
– they have changed the series logo/icon for the last chapter (see image in this post).

Back to SnK related (about spoiler images….so…Mr. Z. probably got the idea from that 2009 Dutch horror movie. Trust me, you won’t want to know what that is.
Chapter should come earlier this month because the 9th is a Sunday, which means release date on the 8th.

not basashi btw

namjatown_jeanhorseThere really hasn’t been much news to blog about. The anime’s not for another year or so, new chapter’s not for another week+ , and I do watch primetime television. That means busy busy schedule.

That doesn’t mean there’s no occasion where I randomly search for Jean related stuff.
They have this promotional event at Namjatown (at Ikebukuro, Tokyo). Now they have special food menu, and the choices are SnK characters themed. Now for Jean, of course a horse’s presence can not be lacking…
Follow the link to see the other characters inspired items.

Jean gives the finger?

click to go to his blog page, which has the bigger version of the drawing.

click to go to his blog page, which has the bigger version of the drawing.

When was the last time Isayama posted a drawing of Jean on his blog? I remember he did a Mikasa doing janken few weeks before. Well well, finally he does a Jean drawing, and it’s about his (positive) reaction after watching the movie Guardians of the Galaxy.
No idea why’s Jean giving the finger. The lines go, “Damnit! Finger’s not in control”, and the caption to that picture says “Movie’s spoiler/story”. I have yet to watch the movie, so I have no idea if that’s related to anything?
Anyways still nice of him to draw something out-universe of one of this favourite characters in the series – he’s drawn Eren, Levi, and Mikasa before I think (of these blog drawings).

spoof46This week’s Spoof will be Jean and Marco centric; I believe that’s a known fact since last week. Who knew fishing can take up 4 pages? Of course, there will be some Eren/Jean interactions. Such as here, where their fishing duel ended at a 0-0 tie. (probably Armin or Mikasa used a net to catch the fish at the end)


  • Sure I am aware of SnK going mainstream – as in “Rikasa” on the Simpsons. Not surprising, as one of my friend who does not regularly watch anime, asked me about SnK a week or so earlier.
  • did they just say Jean sang in the latest dream story of Reiner? Apparently that’s what the fandom in Japan was saying…