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Nope, he keeps his arm

namcoxsnkmovie1More collaboration project, this time it’s a crossover of Namco x the first part of SnK anime movie. So far two videos have been released. The second, latest one, has that Armin with St. Nick titan scene (ya know, that Armin’s scream? ), and also Jean holding the titan’s jaw open. Er..what?! no no no, you haven’t read wrong. Unlike Eren in the original scene, no arm is lost here. The video shows why – other than the real fact because Jean cannot do regeneration.
(they’ve brought in the original seiyuu for the voice, perfect.)
*play the video to the very last second, there’s a “surprise”…they’ve did something similar for the first video btw.

Because he’s the John Doe of SnK
Maker of the Sen.ti.nel Snk figures series is starting another new series of SnK figures. On a blog entry, they have included an image which talks about the “process” and other things related to this news.

Funny how they used Jean as the “sample” person in it. They put a note which says the image is of an imaginary scenario. Either, here’s hope that there will indeed be one for him.

On an NHK program, which probably talks about the SNK (live action) movie, they have listed popular keywords in relation to the topic (? ). What’s special about this…other than the expected “Levi heichou”, “kyojin”, “shingeki”, there is…

so while in the w/c I realized..hah, I totally mixed up the anime movie and the live action movie in the previous blog entry…I wonder what was I having (or not having)…
season two confirmed for 2016, and 2014 isn’t over yet.


The movie that’s coming

It’s the 21st over at Japan; and so the SnK anime movie part 1 comes out tomorrow. As usual, tv program puts up special feature – here in particular, shows the cast/character design for Jean, Armin and Sasha in the live action version of SnK movie, due next summer.
So why did they mixed up Armin and Jean? I am sure some people will go on and on about that. *their names (ジャン and アルミン) are switched…

By the way, just found out they have another Jean feature story on au smartpass. It’s like those previous “rain”, and “dream” stories; this being vol.1 (oh wow…) of a new series of stories. Like always, the wait begins.spsnkjean02

could it be a second poll

charc_popIn this month’s bessatsu magazine, there’s this page which is about promotional items related to the SnK series. Now there’re the words which say “shingeki character… popularity vote commences!! ” (? the line above says something along the lines of “your vote could change the cover page of bessatsu magazine” ) Whether it’s true or not (we should find out next issue), it’s due time for a new vote. The last one was nearly two years ago, and I am sure the positions have changed quite a bit (or not, for some characters, we all know who the top three will be anyways).
voice_snkAs we know the upcoming two OAV/D will be about the Levi spinoff. So does that mean the other seiyuu from SnK (namely the 104th kids) will get a break? Not a chance it seems, at least form the looks of this news about yet another audio-drama. Well, perhaps someone will translate the dialogues from it, eventually.

Crossdressing Armin is so ingrained into the SnK fandom – shown here of someone drawing this for Armin’s birthday back a week or so ago.

not basashi btw

namjatown_jeanhorseThere really hasn’t been much news to blog about. The anime’s not for another year or so, new chapter’s not for another week+ , and I do watch primetime television. That means busy busy schedule.

That doesn’t mean there’s no occasion where I randomly search for Jean related stuff.
They have this promotional event at Namjatown (at Ikebukuro, Tokyo). Now they have special food menu, and the choices are SnK characters themed. Now for Jean, of course a horse’s presence can not be lacking…
Follow the link to see the other characters inspired items.

get this out of the way

62-07So someone posted that leak days before of chapter 62, probably noting how characters are drawn (good or bad) in the new chapter. Then earlier, over there (Japanese page), people were commenting whether he’s considered “ikemen”. I think it really depends on your definition of that term. It might be easier if we put Eren, Jean, and Reiner on a scale. Eren probably has “a balance of masculine and feminine facial features”, while for Jean and Reiner, the male traits are more dominant. So Eren would fit into the boyish face type, while Jean has the mature look; makes sense I guess.

that's a really long face

that’s a really long face

Although one has to admit there’s no point in saying whether a character is ugly or not based on selected manga panels or anime screenshots because the art has not been very consistent from the beginning. Even in this current chapter (62), there’s this panel which there’s only one word to describe it, horseface. I think it’s best to say what he is in the story, average. Sometimes, he might be drawn better looking, while other times, as seen in this panel…

Still no official figurines of Jean (not even in the planning stage). I guess this is the closest we’ll have for now. I think what makes this (not really) note-worthy is, Armin and Jean (versions) being paired up in terms of release date.
ereleviarujanThis is of course being targeted to the female fandom. Just take a look at the series lineup so far. They had Eren and Levi for the first round; and now Armin and Jean for the second. All guys.

OAD 3 preview

Ah, so they’ve posted the new entry on another site (volume 14 recap + oad3 recap + fake preview pages). Although, I couldn’t have noticed it anyways as it was during work commute. Still waiting for the source, but from the images, looks promising.
EDIT: have source, onto the next step.

Even after chapter 59

There is some sort of unease. Probably because they are about to enter the “dragon’s lair”. Though Jean ended up being alive and well (or not well? ) in 59, still cannot help to think shit’s gonna happen to the new squad soon, if not chapter 60. Could Isayama decide to give a true shocker (ya know..killing someone after just spared their life on the previous chapter; just when one’s least expected) ? Although in some ways, Sasha, Levi and Connie are just as endangered… (therefore, I don’t mind if we change scenes for a bit in 60).
A bit more than one week to find out.

sungeki1Looking at this cover of upcoming sungeki no kyojin (aka spoof on titan, and aka ‘short play on titan’ ) , makes me kinda miss those moments when those two quarrel with each other. (even if that happened just eight chapters ago) Usually we see them as a rivalry relationship, but in some ways they are like brothers, the kind where they argue with each other, and also say “I hate you” when they actually cared for each other. This is of course a contrast to the one Eren has with Armin. I think this is easily overlooked simply because Jean’s presented as just a rival and foil to Eren at the beginning. We see how that’s changed in 59.

sungeki35This week’s sungeki thoughts… Here, Jean offered an idea, no one listened, but then Armin offered the same idea, and Connie thinks he’s genius. Armin is the definition of intelligence within SnK. We tend to forget Jean can (also) actually think quick on his feet. I’m not sure whether 59 re-exhibited that trait or not (since while I think he did great at recruiting Marlo and Hitch, others think he was being retarded), but anyways, I wish the story can show more this quality of his without writing to have him screw things up. (seriously, please just let him succeed for once!)

intpt2That leads us to this small section from the second interview. Had great trouble translating it, so I’ll just leave the original Japanese words here as well. Basically, Jean speaks about how his goal within the SL is to do well, and hopefully his opinions/ideas will be heard when he becomes an accomplished soldier. (okay, why do I see traces of Eren or Marlo )

What’s your desire for promotion/success?

Hah…back when my goal was to get in MP, (I) wanted to climb fast on the ladder.

But you are a scout (SL) now?

I did what I had to/should do.
[unclear on exact words],
they might listen to my opinion if I get some accomplishments.

I see. So are there anymore bigger goals (of yours) ?

Oh, I’m not gonna comment on that 反撃の翼 promo picture of Eren and Jean dressed in swimwear for aquatic training exercise…

Annie said what?

Gonna keep things short. Lately have taken too much time per entry.

The second part of Annie’s au closeup interview came out earlier this week. Someone noted how she mentioned Jean in one (or some) of the questions (see image above).

“Change of topic, the au Annie interview touched on Jean

Asked about who else beside Mikasa is good at 3dmg.
– Jean did great due to his aspiration of joining the MP.
– Though one can see his hesitation when cutting down enemy ( ?)
– Might not know how that’d go in practice; although deep down he’s definitely (probably? likely? ) a good fellow.”

I bet someone will/have already translate(d) the second half of the interview; their version of translation will be better.

flychousaheidan1flychousaheidan2They have a bunch of new merchandise coming out in August. In this promotional page about a contest (I think? ), it lists out the prizes. Well well well…look at the combination of characters (click on image to see the whole thing) : Eren/Mikasa, Hange/Levi, Armin/Jean, Oluo/Petra. To the left of that we have once again ____________ . They really are pushing this into semi-canon status aren’t they. (I don’t mind …they are a great duo)

Now this clear-file (folder) image, for some reason this is what I thought when I first saw it…

Woah woah…calm down Jean. (どうどう……落ち着けよジャン。)
Huh? What the hell?! I ain’t a horse!

That Jean interview
That took quite the time; but now all that’s left is that small page. Thank goodness.
I’ve put all of that translation in this entry.

whenever he’s with

Getting closer to July 9th, hopefully there will be (good) answer to the question some fans have been asking over and over again for the past month.
Will it be Armin who does the save (again). He has technically saved/protected Jean at least twice, as people have mentioned. Although…if we put it in other way, Jean seems to had pretty crap luck whenever he’s teamed with Armin? …which I won’t complain, as long Armin’s also the one who helped him out at the end.

volume 6
I think many have forgotten that Jean’s in trouble here because he went to protect Armin in the first place. But anyways…

volume 12
Yep, he was with Armin, and a titan somehow fell on him. Must be coincidence.

volume 14
Armin’s driving the carriage, Jean’s on it. Off all people, Jean’s chosen to be on there. Now we have to wait and see how this ends in chapter 59.

Not a scientific observation – though one has to wonder if those are what Isayama’s planned for these two in terms of their friendship and such. Do hope to see this for many more chapters to come, but wish the roles can be reversed sometime – or maybe not, I think Jean’s life will be in much great danger if Isayama plans for him to really managed to save Armin somewhere down the story.

v14oad3cvOAD 3’s cover. Enough said. On an interview (I think it was from animage june 2014 issue ? ), the producer mentioned it will be completely anime original material; and “Eren, Mikasa, and Armin will look slightly younger than in the main story” ?…so they’ll have to do some new characters design style sheets? But from this cover, Eren looks the same. oh well.

Editor’s reaction to upcoming chapter is “おっ!”…that basically says nothing. It can be a “Oo! That’s it? That’s how you send him off? Just like that?”, or “Oo! so THAT person .. “. Of course I’d prefer the second thing to happen; and as much as I hate to see some character leave, after nearly a month, that cliffhanger effect has died off quite a bit.

Give me reasons to (or not to) buy

genga_4_jkVolume 4 of the SnK original anime artwork books had been released for a month now. Was waiting for “spoilers” to see which scenes are being included with this volume (other than knowing it covers episodes 12 to 18 plus the second OP). Someone did write a review of it. It’s a very detail listing of what’s included! Let’s just use this entry (and maybe the next entry) to cover that long list…
I am only guessing the scene based on the descriptions.
EDIT: well, it’s late and it’s a weeknight, and since this is a Jean-centric blog…I’ll just list out the Jean scenes.

"13話 ・ジャンが立体機動するシーン。" ep. 13 - Jean and 3DMG scene (not sure if it's the manoeuvering scene or the taking the 3DMG from a fallen scene)

ep. 13 – Jean and 3DMG scene
(not sure if it’s the manoeuvering scene or the taking the 3DMG from a fallen scene)

"このマルコはアニメでは暗く欠損部分があまりわかりませんでしたが、原画では はっきりと描かれています" I think it means it's shown darkened in the anime, but in the original sketch, it's different.

I think it means it’s shown darkened in the anime, but in the original sketch, it’s different.

"・殲滅後の遺体処理のシーン、マルコの死体と狼狽sるジャン。" post-battle clean up scene, with Marco's body and a traumatized Jean.

post-battle clean up scene, with Marco’s body and a traumatized Jean.

"・Bパート、アルミン、ジャン、ライナーと遭遇するシーン" Armin, Jean, and Reiner encountering (  ?  )scene.

Armin, Jean, and Reiner encountering ( ? )scene.

"18話 ・クリスタの結婚シーン。コメントが面白かったです。" episode 18 - the Crista "marry me" scene.  interesting note/comment included here.

episode 18 – the Crista “marry me” scene. interesting note/comment included here.

"今回のカラーイラストは .. ・PASHのポスター、エレン、リヴァイ、ジャン(リヴァイとエレンが掃除している格好)" Colour illustrations included ... Poster from PASH - Eren, Levi, and Jean (Levi and Eren in cleaners mode)

Colour illustrations included

Poster from PASH – Eren, Levi, and Jean (Levi and Eren in cleaners mode)

That’s all form the anime. As usual, they included some promo artworks from magazines.
So…tough decision. Didn’t mind when the cover featured Levi and not the usual #4 character Jean (by #4 I mean, Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Jean), because we knew it is going to cover ep12~18. Kind of disappointed there’s only one scene from ep. 16 that’s been included in the book. Though, it appears the did include that/those scene(s) from ep. 13 (not 12 though, since the action’s in ep. 13)

book 5 of the anime artwork sketches arrives June 30, according to here
Found this while doing some twitter image dig-through. Read chapter 34 for the dialogues translations. This is based on the manga version of the scene. They cut this out in the anime. ugh..only the bottom-center panel is original content, and also the last panel’s nosebleed.
“ジャン脳内フィルター発動” = Filter within Jean’s mind, activated.