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You might recognize these scenes while watching the anime, but, something seems different about them?

List will be continually updated.

C03 vs. E04
Anime moved this part to the first Eren-Jean quarrel night – the one where Eren did the Annie-move. In manga, this is placed at 104th graduation night (or something similar).


042no more of this..

C17 vs. E04 Eren’s newly learned move
The anime seems to have a habit of doing mirrored scenes. Another example would be in E16/C22.


111Eren declined (the proposal)

C22 vs. E16 Questioning Eren
Look at all those anonymous faces in the manga panel. Back in anime episode, only those of the main supporting characters are present. Slightly less pressure on Eren?


163More subtle in the anime version of the scene.

C22 vs. E17 ‘Don’t _______ yourself when you see a titan!’
The anime added some exchange of words between Jean and Armin.


17-v5c22It seems….Jean likes someone who can take “jokes”…

C23 vs. E17 ‘Armin!’
Armin fell off his horse after the female titan took a swipe at him. Jean rushes to his rescue – in manga, from horse, in anime, on ground.


By this point in the manga, the characters are quite well drawn.

C24 vs. E18 ‘Goddess’
In manga, they were already on their mounts; not yet so in the anime. Also, more details on their reaction’s facial expressions.


animators sure know what audience wants

C25 vs. E18 Titans clawing
In anime, they’ve inserted some scenes of Levi’s squad before this scene. In the manga, this scene comes right after Jean’s comment about his squad leader.


e18anime shot – Jean and Armin are near the top

C27 vs. E20/21 Armin reads Jean’s mind?!
They moved part of Armin/Jean’s chat from E20 to E21. Armin also gets to say what Jean’s supposed to (as in the manga originally) – about the female titan being someone who’ve seen Eren transform. The chat also happens while they are riding on their way back to town in the anime, as opposed to on the tree.


e2106Armin is smart enough, give Jean the proper credit…

C32 vs. E24
Jean is being included in the meeting (of planning out the female titan capturing operation) in the anime; which makes sense as the audiences are then shown him in action in the subsequent anime original scenes.

Jean has taken that empty seat.

C34 vs. E25 – Annie in a crystal
In the manga, it was another soldier who’s hacking at the crystal. It was also Hange who stopped the soldier.
shave off Jean's hair and..

no, that’s not Jean with a shaven head.e25-00034

C34 vs. E25 – at the bedroom
Lots of changes to this scene in the anime…

This part could not happen in the anime because Jean has already knew of the female titan’s identity earlier in the meeting.
Jean wasn’t asked to the questioning in the manga. He “volunteered” himself to leave the room.
More subtle in the manga; and Mikasa was also invited to the questioning meeting in manga chapter. (she declined, opted to stay with Eren, to Jean’s dismay)


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  1. Anonymous

    So,initially in the manga,Jean was underrated.But I do believe anime shows Jean as an random asshole which I don’t like actually.Well,he still is underrated I think but in the latest chapters he was given more credits.I mean it’s challenging.If you create a character like this why you choose to put it at the back plan? This character who everybody call “so weak” is actually a strong character but his and Armin’s characters are so similar and that pushed him at the background though.But SNK is a complex as itself generally.


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