“Jean Kirstein, from the Trost district!”

Jean Kirstein (ジャン・キルシュタイン), character in Shingeki no Kyojin (進撃の巨人 ; EN: Attack on Titan)

  • 15 (as of chapter 56)
  • Birthday: April 7, Year 834 or 835*
  • graduated 6th overall in the 104th class.
  • Isayama Hajime’s favourite all-normal** character
  • (might also be) the OP/ED artist’s favourite character
  • 9th in latest official popularity poll

This blog is heavily focused on him, because he has too much publicity amongst the SnK fans community. (Yes, am I serious?)

* 834 or 835, huh? It’s year 850 at the time of the 104th class’ graduation. Jean should turn 15 on “April 7 of year 850” if “April 7 of year 835” is his birth date. If he’s already 15 before “April 7 of year 850”, then his birth year should be 834. (Woah, that’s crazy obsessed fan talk!)
** This is according to this – asked Isayama who are his top 5 favourite characters; 1. armour titan, 2. female titan, 3. beast titan (aka “monkey trouble” from 4chan), 4. Ymir, 5. Jean Kirstein.

Kirstein or Kirschstein..?
They are pretty much the same thing? at least they are both are valid German surnames. For convenience purpose, “Kirstein” will be used on all entries and pages here.
However….let’s just stick with whatever’s printed in official Japanese publications. This image above is the booklet from the “live reading” event. “Kirstein” it is.

His name, written in katakana, is of German pronunciation.  The “s” in “stein” has the sound “sh” rather than “s” –  “Kir-sh-tein” . Katakana “キルシュタイン” is based on the German pronunciation, not English.

“Kir-stein” vs. “Kir-sh-tein”

ホルスタイン班【注:12話ネタ】 by モリ・ポカ on pixiv

For more information on him, please refer to the data pages in the “進撃の巨人INSIDE抗” book. Apparently, a nice person (not me) has done many a favour by translating the text!
UPDATE: and then the scans from the official version.

translations courtesy of the page in the URL

translations courtesy of the page in the URL

Other sources of information (all contain some amount of spoilers) include, his page on the SnK wiki, his subsection on the SnK Wikipedia related article, and his section on the tv tropes SnK characters page.


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