“Jean’s a horse”

Who the heck > “Jean’s a horse”

updated July 12, 2014

p5-153horseEren started it! Oh really? Not exactly true, as Eren has only said Jean having a “horse face” That name however, inspired SnK fans to elaborate more on…

This shot of a page from manga chapter 31 has Eren saying “I don’t have a horse face like his (Jean’s)”.

and once again, in chapter 53!
(and I think that name’s still unknown to Jean As of chapter 59, I think that’s no longer the case!)
Let’s add Hitch to the list of people who called Jean a “horse face”. This time, Jean was there to hear it – unlike the times when Eren said it behind his back.

Anime’s showing of Jean’s seemingly fondness towards his mount does not really have anything to do with him being called a “horse” or “horse face”; but fans do use examples such as the above-right shot of the three faces as evidence of Jean having a “horse face” (long face)
Now what has a horse face? A horse. There.

RECAP: Jean is NOT a horse; but SnK fans do like to call him as one.

(semi-)official endorsement

snksilvercharmI can’t say these are completely canon since they don’t come from either then manga or the anime; but they are of official goods/games.

Apparently, horse is what best represents Jean.

Now that’s a somewhat off-model drawing of the guy. (SnK online game promotion)

Fan-made stuff

p5-5Here are just three of many (I think) “Jean horse” related works publicly distributed online.
From a mock evolution chart, to a parody of the anime original scene in episode 24 (click on it for the gif), right up to Jean being the “best horse”.

* that header that occasionally shows up on this blog: those are horseshoes, not “Cs”. why horseshoes? double-meaning, for people to figure out.


12 thoughts on ““Jean’s a horse”

    1. admin

      I don’t mind. lol . that’s more attention on him, which is always good + the meme’s been so well established I don’t consider it to be derogatory. (although in truth, having a “horse face” doesn’t make one a horse, but oh well. )

  1. Anonymous

    omg XD
    yeah, people just assume that Jean is ‘a horse’ so…..
    But there’s so many memes of it and all so I doubt that this (not really sure how to word it) ‘way of thinking’ would stop?? (im trying sorry)

    (and i also dont think Jean has a ‘horse face’ *cough cough*)

    um… yeah. Sorry if this comment means nothing…

    and its very informative????
    >////< idk but i like this so… thank you for making it????
    (im pretty sure everyone thinks im weird now… )

  2. Connie Springer



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