that “shi ni isogi yarou” (Eren)

Who the heck > that “shi ni isogi yarou” (Eren)

I think by now (this written after chapter 51’s been released) Jean and Eren can be considered friends – certainly not the same kind as between Eren and Armin. They may have different ideals, but in some ways, they are really similar. We see that both of them values a lot about their friends and the “Erwin’s way” certainly does not run in their system.

“死に急ぎ野郎” (shi ni isogi yarou)
Anime-only viewers might have forgotten when watching episode 17. So when was that nickname of Eren first given?
[origin: vol. 4 chapter 18, page 14]
The scene was NOT the included in the anime. The title of chapter 18, is the same as episode 16. So the nickname was given as a flashback in the manga storyline of the training days, when Jean was commenting on how any team that Eren leads wouldn’t survive for 10 seconds. (which is sadly true…)

Anime’s workaround:
The anime did not include that scene in the manga. However, in an anime-original scene in ep. 5, Jean shouted “死に急ぎ野郎” at Eren. Therefore that name debuts in anime at episode 5, but for manga, chapter 18.

“What is it, Eren?”
The “famous” meme, spread like fire. Again, anime-only audience would have no idea what and where the heck that is, and came from.
[origin: vol. 4 chapter 17, page 21]
Jean was telling an anonymous trainee (in anime, it was Marco instead) about how to efficiently use the 3DMG, and Eren overheard that and butted in.
“What is it, Eren?”

ふざけんなよ (fuzakennayo)
Jean is a bit rough on words at times (even though he becomes quite the nice guy as the story progresses, that part of him remains). I believe he’s the only character in the story that uses “ふざけんなよ” (lit. “don’t screw with me” ). Three times at least when counting both manga and anime. All of them were used at Eren.
1st – chapter 17, page 23

2nd – anime episode 24

3rd – chapter 51, page 13


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