the overlooked comic relief

Who the heck > the overlooked comic relief

4-0-0When speaking of comic relief in SnK, first come to mind for most people are Connie and Sasha. For Jean, we either laugh/chuckle at what he says, or we laugh AT him. Sounds mean, but that’s a good reason of why he’s fun to watch/read about. “Comical without being a clown”

Examples below are taken from various media: manga, anime, official events

(list to be updated when time’s available)

[original: Attack on Taikan (reading live event) | picture: left- event booklet cover; right – script]

It’s said on discussion boards that he used the term “お星さま” (lit.: o-star-sama) to denote stars (in sky) during a scene of the live reading event. To get a confirmation, in the official script of the event, he does really say “o-hoshi-sama”. This adds to the list of “fairy tales” references: 1. sleeping beauty, 2. this, 3. Isayama commenting on how Jean would act as Mikasa’s prince in chapter 49.

[original: chapter 34 | picture: chapter 34 page 28]

Was Jean trying to lighten up the mood? Here’s a pat (or something) on Armin’s head. No one would expect a “rough and rude” Jean to do such thing. Too bad this part’s been excluded in the anime version.

“sleeping beauty”
[original: chapter 34 | picture: chapter 34 page 27]

Jean just gave Annie the nickname “sleeping beauty” – how she’s returned to “”sleep” after causing all the chaos.

“bet all my dinner on Mikasa”
[original: chapter 44 | picture: chapter 44 page 6, 9]

Fight is on between Mikasa and Annie. The class puts in their bets and wagers, and you can bet whom did Jean give his 110% support to. “Hah?! Idiot! I bet all of my dinner on Mikasa!”

can imagine him with sparkly eyes

can imagine him with sparkly eyes while watching

whistle fail
[original: chapter 24 | picture: chapter 24 page 2]

He keeps doing the finger whistle but his horse (given the name Buchwald in anime) just won’t come back. Looks like Isayama tried to instill some relief in an otherwise tense chapter. (ネッチョオオ “necchoo” is the sound effect of __________ )

at Armin’s closeness with Eren
[original: chapter 23 | picture: E17 chimi-chara omake]

As Jean himself had stated, he’s an honest guy and tends to say whatever it is on his mind. So even when he’s here to give Armin a compliment (about how Armin’s a capable guy), he just has to say what he thinks of Armin’s bonding towards Eren.


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