Why the heck

This blog is made for the sole purpose of keeping track of news (Jean and Shingeki no Kyojin [Attack on Titan] / JP: 進撃の巨人 related); more of a “Jean Kirstein info+news” combo.
It is not that kind of a fan blog – although sometimes it might look like one, because he happens to be my favourite character in the SnK series (and that is also the reason of making this ‘news blog’ in the first place).


Q: Thank you! (sarcastically) You just spoiled the series for me!
A: First, it reads ‘SPOILERS BEWARNED’ in the header. Second, if there are spoilers, and not white-texted, more than likely it’s a ‘what’ or ‘who’ spoiler – not the ‘why’ and ‘how’. So you know who and who is a mole, so what? Do you know the whole background story behind that?

Q: Every entry and page is about Jean. WTH?!
A: It’s a SnK blog with heavy emphasis on Jean-related contents. Just what were you expecting? If you are looking for non-character specific recaps/reviews, there are plenty around the world wide web.

Q: Jean is an unimportant character of the story whose only purpose is there to irritate Eren and ruin Eren+Mikasa’s relation so I think he should be killed off. I mean, he’s totally useless and irrelevant to the story. Don’t you think so?
A: It really is a mystery how he’s usually placed right after the main trio in either the anime’s cast listing, the anime discs covers, the order of appearance in those chimi episodes, the characters info pages in the manga, and the official data book. He has a purpose in the story, and Isayama seems to agree to that. Whether you agree or not, that doesn’t matter.

Q: Why started in July 2013?
A: 1. It takes time to know about a character. 2. Anime brought me to the manga; and the anime started back in April 2013.

Q: “Luckiest Unlucky Guy”? ‘the heck that means?
A: I was to do a blog entry to explain that. To keep things short: Jean’s had crap luck ever since he joined the military if you’ve ever noticed. But he has so far managed to survive for all the close calls. Also, being the author’s favourite isn’t bad either, right?

Q: How is he your favourite character of the story?
A: Didn’t like his character at the beginning. I thought he was some anti-protagonist jerk who’d be killed off soon that I would not mind (that was prior to me reading the manga, and prior to episode 5); but then, I usually have a liking of the non-stoic type anti-heros.
Now this is why I do not mind spoilers – I went ahead to read his profile on wiki, looked through the status section, alive; okay..now the (military) branch, Scouting Legion. Off I went to read through his process of making the decision of joining the S.L. Of course, that’s just half the reason I started on the manga (the other being, the anime was only on its fifth episode); and I do not regret spoiling the story for myself, because that’s just made the anime even more enjoyable – as I have specific episodes and scenes to look forward to, aside from the story itself.
Reason for liking the character? He is a courageous character. He joined the the S.L. even though his survivial instinct clearly told him it was a bad idea. He knew the fear and had his time of struggle, and he faced and overcame it. He knows his limit and won’t boast about anything that’s untrue. He’s a source of comic relief in the story because of his unintentional humour, and him being at the receiving end of jokes. He’s a guy you’d want to root for coz of all his misfortunes. and so on…and so on…[insert the “he’s just so real and a really relatable normal guy” placeholder]


13 thoughts on “Why the heck

  1. Maria

    He’s without a doubt my favorite character, he’s very well developed and a very 3’dimensional character (*cough* unlike some of the main characters *cough*), just a really interesting character. Yet he is so underrated. But I am super glad I found this blog, thank you for making this, and keep up the good work.

    1. vofoj Post author

      Thanks for commenting. Kinda surprised when I couldn’t find some sort of website of him, and so decided to make this blog of Jean-related tidbits not covered in wikis. Happy that you enjoyed it!

  2. gaby

    Thanks for relieving my Jean’s thrist!
    Ps. Since I read the manga I’m pretty sure Isayama create Jean with an ulterior motive…please just say you agree with me!

  3. Maria

    Hi! Blog’s looking great, glad you’re still keeping us informed 🙂
    em, just wondering about your recent post, I didn’t get the ‘hoshi’ ‘o-hoshi-sama’ thing? What does it mean? is it important for the character? why is it funny?
    Sorry I’m not very familiar with Japanese

    1. vofoj

      it’s about the way he speaks; by adding an honorific, he personified an inanimate object (stars). it’s similar to saying “Mr./Mrs. Stars” (though -sama is a more respective term).
      If you also turn back to chapter 34, he referred to Annie as “sleeping beauty”.
      Usual people would just say, “stars” and “that girl” or “Annie”. 😛
      I guess some would call that “cute” (at least that’s what the commenters say on 2ch)

      1. Maria

        Oooh… got it! Thanks for the quick reply, sorry to be such a bother, just didn’t wanna miss any jean-info, hehe 🙂

  4. Kate

    I find soud of Jean on YouTube, Shingeki No Kyojin Drama CD – Sasha no dotou no ryouri batoru hen!!, this make you interesting? Listen!

    1. lazy to logon

      he sounds a bit off character in it, but then we find out SPOILER:it’s Sasha and/or Connie daydreaming...so that makes sense. lol

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    I am watching your blog for a while and I like what I read. I am wondering if you would like to make a partnership with bei SnK Fanblog. It’s http://fluegel-der-freiheit.blogspot.de/ Please contact me over there –> http://fluegel-der-freiheit.blogspot.de/p/kontakt.html
    All the best

  6. Anonymous

    Thank you for this blog! As a new fan of SnK (who ended up being charmed by Jean, sigh) being able to find a blog focusing on Jean means a lot to me! Definitely going to bookmark 🙂


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