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A list of what appears only in the anime episodes, and NOT in the manga chapters (aka “fillers”)…
List will be updated as more chapters have been animated.

They head-butted into each other; another quarrel follows.

– Connie tells Jean to lead the others, saying “we need your skills”. Aha.
– they dragged out Jean’s thinking process in the anime; much quicker in the manga.

– compliments from Marco, mid-air, anime-only. (Watch out for titans?)
– Marco’s words moved from the flashback scene in manga C18, and modified a bit – “because of your decision that I am alive”.

– Jean has a little squad of his own, ‘Kirstein han’.
– After saving Connie, Jean has a little adventure in his hometown. Thanks to poor 3DMG craftsmanship.

The continuation and conclusion of his detour adventure.

– no-show in manga version of this 3DMG inspection scene.
– anime only sighting
– “crying out loud in the depths of his mind”, anime-exclusive.


– for luck
– extended scene + he jumped off BEFORE Armin’s whipped off from his horse
– part of the added scene; female titan’s fist created a gust of wind
– Jean was still on his horse in the manga at this point

horse 18

1 – Jean’s horse = ブッフバルト (de: Buchwald)
2,3 – the group rides to the forest; Jean jokes, and Armin seems to have no sense of humour.

picking up the pieces
titans comingin town

1 – Picking up the pieces
2 – Being pursued by fast-running titans
3 – the “welcome back” “parade”

All of his scenes in the second half of the episode.
1 – unwiggs and joins the battle
2 – reminds Eren of his promise
3 – with Armin to distract female titan
4 – sees Eren transforms into titan

The rooftop scenes are all anime original.
1 – these three of the 104th, on the rooftop, looking at the titan fight
2 – “get her, Eren!”
3 – gets to see the aftermath of the titan fight
4 – walking along the hallway; and having a chat

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2 thoughts on “only in anime

  1. ifurita

    Dunno if you intend to leave this one as it is, but you missed the scene in in episode 17 where Jean talks to Armin before they meet the female titan (“don’t piss your pants”) and the scene where he hits Annie’s crystal in episode 25.

    1. vofoj

      you meant the dialogue line or the scene itself? coz I thought that scene’s in the manga. (might be wrong…I’ll have to check once I get home..)
      as for the crystal scene, yea….I remember giving myself a note to add that…probably forgotten to do so..edit: oh…so I DID add that, but to another page. 😛
      2nd edit: checked chapter 22 – there is the same scene as in ep.17, but without the “don’t piss yourself” line from Jean. added back to the other page.


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